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Hunt Valley MD, February 10-11, 2018

Awesome Con
Washington DC, March 31, 2018 (TBC)

The 2018 SFWA Nebula Conference Pittsburgh PA, May 17-20, 2018

Gaithersburg MD, October 6-7, 2018

World Fantasy
Baltimore MD, November 1-4, 2018

Coming Soon

"The Wandering Warriors" - a crossover collaboration with Rick Wilber, in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine in May/June 2018.

Recently Released

"Eagle and Empire" - the final book in the Clash of Eagles series, now available in paperback

"Kitty Hawk" - an alt-hist look at the Wright Brothers (and Sister), in "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine", March/April 2017

"English Wildlife" - a tale of odd relationships and British secret history - in "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine", October/November 2015